Arrero Premium Car Perfume was registered as a Close Corporation in 2010 and has won many awards since inception.

  • The Arrero Fragrances:

These fragrances have been formulated and tested by a large reputable laboratory here in South Africa and all production is done in South Africa.

These luxury car perfumes have been designed to exude sophistication, style and are a classy alternative to existing car air fresheners currently on the market. This is attained by providing fragrances that are based on designer aromas and not the typical “fruity” smell that is prevalent in car air fresheners.

  • Arrero Retail:

The company was established to offer luxury car fragrances which are sold under the Arrero brand name to retail outlets such as carwash outlets and petrol station forecourts.

  • Arrero Corporate:

Arrero Premium Car Perfume manufactures and supplies custom manufactured and custom branded luxury car fragrances, gift boxes and promotional items to the automotive and corporate gifting industry. These can be tailor made to suit any individual/company needs in terms of using their own brand instead of Arrero.

  • Arrero Luxe:

Due to demand, Arrero launched the 2018 Luxe Collection under ArreroLuxe as an online car cologne gifting store especially for holidays like Christmas, fathersday, mothersday, valentines day which makes an ideal gift for his or her car.

  • The Future:

It is the vision of Arrero to be the leader and preferred supplier of premium car fragrances in South Africa.

It is also the mission of Arrero to offer car fragrances of the highest standard in quality and style.