Are you planning on starting a small business or have you started a small business in South Africa?

Do you require DIY-coaching and DIY-mentorship?

We have over 10 years experience in the entrepreneurial space, with many awards and certificates achieved in the past 10 years.  Click on the link here to view some of our awards and certificates.

We have taken our knowledge and skills gained in the field of small business and entrepreneurship and expertly put together E-books tailored to the different areas of starting and running a small business in South Africa.

Each one of our professionally written E-books give you the in’s and out’s on each subject matter covered. These E-books are downloadable. Once you choose what E-book you would like to purchase, simply click the button on the E-book you want to purchase, add your details and a link will be given to you for your downloadable copy.

Entrepreneur Competitions

Fall in Love with SA Entrepreneur Competitions.  Why?  Potential Funding and More

 Business Plan Competitions and other awards are great ways to get exposure. Winning comes with a lot of perks, but even if you don’t win, you won’t leave empty handed as you will learn valuable lessons.   I fell in love with SA Entrepreneur Competitions because it gave me Free Money, Free Laptops, Free Financial Systems and access to Funding. In the Ebook Fall in Love with SA Entrepreneur Competitions.  Why?  Potential Funding and More we have included a list of entrepreneur competitions to review and perhaps consider for your start up business.  Some of these competitions can help you get your business off the ground, or take it to the next level. One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is getting it off the ground. Raising start-up funds, learning what to do and finding those first few customers is not easy. Success takes hard work but the process gets easier as time goes on. Entering a start-up competition can be a powerful experience for a start-up or new business.  It can be a great way to build momentum for your idea during that critical first year.
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21 day fast track path

21 Day Fast-Track Path to Your Ideal Life

Are you feeling stuck in your life and believe that your Ideal Life is still waiting for you? We have created a 21 Day Fast-Track Path to Your Ideal Life Ebook & Workbook programme that is a motivating step – by – step series of 4 workbooks helping you to organize your plans, goals and life in general. It is ideal for everybody with busy lives who want to put goals and plans in place but lack the time to read and develop a system for themselves. Why is this programme different?  It does all the hard work for you.  Simply read and complete the sections in easy to understand format. Work your way through your Ebooks at a pace that you are comfortable with.  The programme is fun and easy and helps to get order into your life. Change your life one step at a time starting today.
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Social Media for entrepreneurs

Supercharged Social Media for SA Entrepreneurs – Shortcuts the Easy Way

Interacting with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for your small business. Using social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers, but with entrepreneurs generally working solo, it is difficult to stay on top of running the small business and handling the Social Media activities. It doesn't matter if you run a small business, social media can take you from being a nobody to becoming a somebody. Social media is an essential piece and by using certain social media tools, you can supercharge your social media activities in an easy way every day. We have put together a resource of tools in this Ebook Supercharged Social Media for SA Entrepreneurs – Shortcuts the Easy Way to help build your small business brand with the social media touch quicker, so that you not only generate potential business but also connect with your customers better and serve them on a higher level.
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Entrepreneur Marketing Ideas

101 Marketing Ideas for SA Entrepreneurs that are Cheap or Free

Most entrepreneurs do not have large budgets for marketing yet there are ways to get your brand and small business out there without spending a fortune. We have created a resource of 101 Cheap or Free marketing ideas that you can try today to make sure potential customers know about you.  Some ideas may work for your business and others may not but unless you do marketing and monitor the results, you will be left behind from your competitors who do marketing. Failure to make marketing a priority can be detrimental to any business. Marketing should be one of your top priorities to promote your products or services and create a system that will generate more clients for your business.
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Top automation Tools

Top Automation Tools for Entrepreneur Success in SA

Top Automation Tools for Entrepreneur Success in SA is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to get ahead quicker and save time and money. By incorporating automation tools in your small business, it can help increase agility, lower costs, improve productivity, reduce delays, minimize errors, and improve customer satisfaction. Some tools even have the potential to reflect a more professional image for your business.  Still using an excel sheet or word document to do you invoicing?  There is FREE automated tool available which will give your brand and company a very professional look and invoice will always calculate correctly at a very quick speed. There are many ways to use automation to streamline business operations, increase efficiency, improve productivity, and lower cost under Admin, Sales, Marketing, HR and other areas within your small business. The Tools in this Ebook are tools we use daily and considered to be our top choice for 2020.  New tools are introduced frequently and the internet is a fast resource, however, as entrepreneurs we don’t have the time to sift through pages and pages of internet searches, which is why this Ebook is ideal.  You will have the Top Automation Tools at your finger tips.
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Entrepreneur Funding Guide

The Quicker & Easier Way to Entrepreneur Funding in SA

The Quicker & Easier Way to Entrepreneur Funding in SA Ebook is ideal for you if you have a great idea for a business, or you want to expand your emerging business and may need to know where and how to attract funding. Unfortunately, getting funded has not been easy for most entrepreneurs as they do not know where to apply for funding.  There are a lot of organisations in South Africa that have a variety of funding categories, but unless you apply under the correct fund, you not be considered for funding. This Ebook will give you the shortcut to the correct funders and funding categories for your new business or idea.
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Entrepreneur Income Ideas

Want to Make More Money?  20 Ways to Generate Income Ideas in SA

Most businesses are started because of an Idea. There are many great ideas you can latch on to, but the key in business is to make sure the idea-the central theme or mission of your business venture-can attract customers and generate sales and profits. An idea in itself is not enough to start a business, but a great idea that is backed with action can be the start of something BIG! While everyone possesses innate creative potential, it is a skill that you can develop fully if you ask the right questions to develop the idea into a business. Want to Make More Money?  20 Ways to Generate Income Ideas in SA Ebook is for anyone who wants to come up with an idea that they could potentially turn into a profitable business. This includes the WHAT IF questions and the PROBLEM questions. This Ebook will guide you to ask the right questions to generate income producing ideas.
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Perfume Brand Guide
A Perfect Guide for all you Need to Know to Start your Perfume Brand in SA is for people who know absolutely nothing about perfume-making. In this Guide we will share our knowledge of producing and selling generic perfumes like the ones found at boutique stores. This guide is very user friendly for people who don't have any do-it-yourself perfume making experience at all.  It's very simple and easy, once you're in the know. This Ebook is a fast read.  Most people don't believe me at first, but it can cost as little as R25 to product a quality 50ml designer fragrance – complete! With this Ebook, you will receive the formula to duplicate over 270 fragrances, but here are a few that people always ask about: Inspired by : Angel | Lady Million | One Million | Jadore | Si | DKNY | Chanel 5 And many more… You will be able to duplicate these famous perfumes, both men's and women's, in your kitchen or spare room. It's so simple! Even if you have no confidence, you can't mess this up.  Level - Beginner. The general rule is -- if it is currently popular or was popular in the past, you can duplicate it. The more obscure fragrances from design houses, the older "prestige" fragrances, and the smaller "boutique" brands may not be available. Even if a fragrance is discontinued, if it was popular, there's a good chance that you can still find the fragrance oil, produce it and sell it for a profit ! This is one of the most popular reasons people learn to make their own duplications.
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desk reference for entrepreneurs

The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs we are busy people who want answers fast and we want to save costs! We don’t want to spend hours clicking through hundreds of search results on the Internet just to find an answer to a burning question nor do we want to waste money unnecessarily. The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur Ebook is a compilation of answers, solutions, advice, checklists, directories and ideas/tips from other entrepreneurs who have been there. Topics covered include low cost & no cost marketing tips and checklists, proven strategies, grant and loan funding, specific resources -- books, directory of relevant contacts, websites -- all to help point the entrepreneur in the right direction. With so much useful information in one place, The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur provides answers faster than an Internet search. It must be used daily! The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur is a comprehensive guide, and belongs within reach of every small business owner/ entrepreneur, who will turn to it over and over again. Our bumper-page The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur has easy to understand chapters how to fast track your small business or small business idea and how to deal with certain issues. It also has a directory of important numbers to help fast track your business. I will share my experience and knowledge with you, as I've compiled a simple yet informative and easy to follow, step-by-step guide to the many things you should know when starting & running your own business from day to day. This Ebook will save you time and money! The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur will save you hours and hours of time since I've been through what you are going through. All you have to do is to follow this road map carefully. I have educated myself, not through obtaining a degree, but instead by learning from my own mistakes, from other successful people and through research & educating myself- perhaps the most important education of all. Only the top 10% of all business owners regularly invest in their continued education. This is the #1 key to success. There is NO NEED TO REINVENT THE WHEEL. But you must continuously inform yourself. I have read, I have learned, and I have implemented these different strategies. The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur is created by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs!. As an entrepreneur myself I found that time being my greatest commodity, was limited as I spend many hours researching what needs to be done to start a small business and searching for providers. I had many mentors along the way and they have helped me tremendously. By offering you The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur, it allows me to mentor you in a small way and offer you practical guidance to immediately develop your small business. The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur is not about the theory but rather about the practical side of running your business. I don't give you Business Books to read, I give you checklists to complete and give you quick answers to your questions. The A-Z Desk Reference Guide for Every SA Entrepreneur is for you if you want to fast track to starting your small business. It offers you a "shortcut" to burning questions. I have taken the many hours I spent and put it into a workable book format for you to simply complete and follow. See it as your DIY Guide to all things entrepreneurial!
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Grant Funding Guide

Learn Exactly how I secured Grant Funding in SA – Step by Step

This is the Story of Arrero and how I went from idea stage to securing Grant Funding in SA. If you’re new to grant funding or have not been successful in securing grant funding, this Ebook is for you. I will share my Story and tell you that it is possible to secure Grant Funding in SA, even though most entrepreneurs believe that it is not possible. My goal was to offer a high quality, competitive proposal that had a reasonable chance of being funded and it did work for me in numerous occasions.  I will share my knowledge and believe this Ebook Learn Exactly how I secured Grant Funding in SA – Step by Step will be priceless.  Chance encounters have led me from one opportunity to the next to the next and it was a Step – by – Step process. I will also share the reasonable expectations when applying for Grant Funding in SA and what other opportunities including mentorships are currently available to Entrepreneurs in SA.
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