Online Training Cover
  • This online perfume making course was designed with first time perfume creators in mind,
meaning that the ingredients used are readily available to all.
  • This self-paced course introduces students to the fundamentals of perfume making in 16 x online
modules. The lessons provide students with the knowledge they need to take control of their own future by offering a valued added skill. A tutor and support team are there to help with questions, and, after passing a final assessment, students receive a certificate of completion.
  • Interactive course format optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Included is a video tutorial that demonstrates simple step by step perfume making.
  • Downloadable 37-page workbook included.
  • Comprehensive overview of perfumes.
  • Topics include Perfume making, Marketing, Labelling, Packaging and more...
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perfume 101 cover
  • The Perfume 101 Colour Guide gives you the following information.
  • The year the original perfume was launched
  • Perfume Best Sellers in South Africa
  • Fragrance category
  • Indicates if this fragrance is best worn in winter or summer
  • The generic perfume is inspired by this House/Brand
  • Indicates if this is a ladies or mens fragrance
  • Indicates which generation is it most suited to ie. Younger or Older or Most
  • Original perfume image simply for reference
  • Original perfume brand logo simply for reference
In order for you to become an “expert” in perfumes, you need to understand why certain people like certain fragrances. Fragrances are categorised by 7 main olfactory groups. Which means that any particular fragrance/perfume you may like will fall within one of these 7 groups. Every perfume and fragrance is different. However, many of them share common traits. Each fragrance can be put into a fragrance family, grouping it with many other similar fragrances. If a fragrance has mainly a scent of fresh notes, plus weaker scents of woody and citrus notes, we could say that this fragrance is Fresh, but with citrus and woody undertones. The dominant part is normally the heart of the fragrance.
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Perfume Making E-book
Description: PERFUME E-BOOK PERFUME EDUCATION MADE EASY The Perfume E-book gives you the following information.
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Perfume Stand ideas
  • Mark up price of your product
  • Labelling suggestions
  • Testing fragrances
  • Fragrance families
  • Templates
  • Bonus Fragrance 101 Guide
  • Bonus Video Link
  • more...
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